Rooms in the Sivells Bend ISD App

What is Rooms?

From work, to home, to school, our phones are a key tool to navigate and communicate throughout

the day. The custom-built Sivells Bend ISD app makes it easy to stay up to date with district news

and events.

Now, Sivells Bend ISD is making it easier to stay in touch with teachers and class information from

that same app. Using the Sivells Bend ISD app you can easily switch from district and school

information to Rooms, where you can see your student's classes and engage directly with

teachers. Rooms can be accessed via the web and from our district app, which is available for free

and can be used from both Apple and Android phones. To access Rooms, you will need to create a

login and password.

say hello to parent teacher chat flyer

Getting Started with text or email invitations:

Step 1: Download the Sivells Bend ISD app

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Step 2: Accept your Rooms invitation

Invitations are sent via email to the emails we have on file for you!

If you do not have an invitation or would like a new invitation sent, please contact the school office.


We’re excited to be using Rooms for our family-teacher communication at Sivells Bend ISD. Use this link and the magic code in the next text message to sign up and join the conversation.

Open the link from the previous text, and copy and paste this magic code {{{code}}} to be connected to {{{student}}} in Rooms. After your initial sign-up through a browser, use the Sivells Bend ISD iOS or Android App to communicate on the go![0][magic_code]={{{code}}}


rooms email invitation example

Getting Started with Magic Codes:

Teachers may give out Magic Codes as another way to be connected in Rooms. If you do not have a magic code, please contact one of your childs' teachers. You will only need to use the code ONE TIME per Child.

Once connected to your child, you will see all classes in which they are enrolled.

how to use guardian invite magic code

Rooms FAQ's